Roy Goodgion
Guitar and Bass teacher

Roy Goodgion has been playing guitar and bass in bands since the 70’s. He even played bass for Reba McEntire for a short while.  The road led him back to Brownwood where he has been working as a instrument repair tech for over 25 years.  He started with Brownwood Music over 13 years as a guitar teacher, guitar tech, electronics tech, piano tuner and organ tech. We Repair All PA systems, Public Address Systems, Audio Amps, Mixers, powered and non-powered Mixers, Synthesizers, Powered and non-powered Speakers and old record players, reel to reel, CD players and vintage stereos.  Roy is a Fender Certified repairman with 50 years’ experience working on all brands, Marshall – Hiwatt – Fender – Gibson – Vox – Ampeg – Silvertone – Valco – Peavey-Roland-Stagg-Boutique – Etc. He is a Fender certified acoustic and electric guitar tech.  He is the man for the job if you are ready to take the next step in your guitar journey.  In his off time he spends time with family and loves his job as the lead guitar player, pedal steel guitar and backup vocals for High Mesa Cowboy Church Band." Playing for God may not pay as much as secular music, but the retirement plan is incredible."

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